Rhodes Excursions

Lindos Village

£10 by bus or boat

One of the most popular spots in Rhodes Island, Lindos has become a MUST. Visit the beautiful village of Lindos with its cobblestone streets traditional white houses and many restaurants. You can take a walk through the town to get to Ancient Acropolis, the Temple of Athena Lindia that stands dominating the village. Relax and enjoy on the beautiful sandy Medditerranean beach and swim in the clear blue sea

Pick up from hotel - 9:00 - Arrive in Lindos 10:30 - Free time for 5 hours - Departure from Lindos 15:30 - Arrive at the hotel - 16:30

Butterflies Valley

£15 by bus

The Valley of the Butterflies is a Natural Park unique in the world, surviving untouched in its own dimension. Each year from May to September thousands of multi-coloured butterflies will enchant and capture your heart. The little lakes, wooden bridges, on various spots of the little river Pelekanos and romantic and quiet paths across the forest makes the valley a small paradise even during the hot days of the summer! Also visit the Museum of National History

Pick up from hotel - 10:30 - Arrive at Butterflies 11:15 - Free time for 2.5 hours - Departure from Butterflies 13:45 - Arrive at the hotel - 14:30

Symi Island

£15 by boat

Discover the most picturesque island whose neoclassic houses are built and restored with the same architectural style and painted in various colours showing the splendor of the island. Symi is also the island of natural sponges. On the other side of the island lies the big Panormitis Monastery dedicated to the Archangel Michael which is an important place of pilgrimage for greek people.

Pick up from hotel - 8:00 - Boat Departure 9:00 - Arrive at Panormitis 11:00 Departure from Panormiis 12:00 Arrive at Symi 13:00 - Free time in Symi - 3 hours - Arrive at Rhodes 17:45 - Free transfer back to the hotel

Faliraki Beach

£8 by bus

Visit the north-east side of the island, renowed for the largest and the best golden sandy beaches. On Faliraki's vast golden beach, you can give yourself up to the enjoyment of blue waters and the caress of the hot sun. The beach stretches some 4km featuring more than 4000 deck chairs and a variety of water sports. This beach has been awarded the EU Blue Flag Environmental award for their clean shores and crystal clear blue waters. Have fun and try all kinds of water activities available at Faliraki beach.

Pick up from hotel - 9:00 - Arrive at Faliraki 9:50 - Free time - 6 hours - Departure from Lindos 16:00 - Arrive at the hotel - 16:30

Kallithea Springs

£15 by bus or boat

The Kallihea Springs are located in the city of Kallithea. They opened their doors on 1st of July 2007 after many years of efforts made by the City of Kallithea to welcome you into the charming rooms of the restored monument next to the sea. The unique combination of nature, architecture and history takes you to a unique creative world.

Pick up from hotel - 9:00 - Arrive at Kallithea 9:40 - Free time - 6.5 hours - Departure from Kallithea 16:10 - Arrive at the hotel - 16:30

Rent a Car

£35 / per day (starting from)

There are many rent a car companies in Rhodes. You can give our partner agency abroad a call or simply walk into any rent a car agency. They all carry convertible top vehicles to give you the most enjoyment of your cruise around the island. All excursions on this page (except Symi Island) can be reached by a car and if you do rent a car, our recommendation to you is to visit Pefkos located just after Lindos which is approximately 50 minute drive away from your hotel.

You can rent a car as you check out of your hotel, go around the Island, visit few different towns, beaches, have your lunch and still be back by 16:00 to make it for your return ferry. Simply drop your car off at any commercial parking space near the port and leave the keys under the mat and hop on your ferry back to Marmaris.
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