Shopping in Kusadasi

Shopping in Kusadasi
Shopping in Southern Turkey is renowned for its great value and a great selection of goods and items to buy, and of all the towns in the Aegean Coast region of Turkey Kusadasi is one of the best known for its extensive shopping opportunities.
Where to go Shopping in Kusadsi
Kusadasi is full of shops that are all competing for your business so you can often haggle for a better price if you see something you like! There are all kinds of shops in Kusadasi, from the high class boutiques, to market stalls, and the Grand Bazaar, offering something for all tastes and budgets. Here’s a quick guide to shopping in Kusadasi:
Scala Nuova Shopping Centre
Situated in the port area, for many visitors to Kusadasi this is a shopping centre that’s for window shopping only! It’s a high class centre that sells luxurious items, and only originals – there are no fakes here! Because these are luxury boutique stores this is not the kind of place where you would haggle over the price!
Kusadasi Markets
At the other end of the scale, and very popular with anyone on holiday in Kusadasi is the town’s markets. There are markets on three days of the week – Tuesday and Friday is the fruit and vegetable market and a great place to stock up on some food if you’re staying in a self catering apartment in Kusadasi. Wednesday is the most popular market though as it’s dedicated to clothes and textiles. Here you can pick up some great value fake designer names including t-shirts and bags.
Kusadasi Grand Bazaar
Kusadasi’s Grand Bazaar is also a popular place to go shopping in Kusadasi. It doesn’t have the same charm as some of Southern Turkey’s historic bazaars, but it’s all undercover and contains many shops within a small area, making shopping here an easy experience. The only thing to be aware of is that when there’s a cruise ship docked (which happens to be most days during the summer) the prices in the Grand Bazaar are increased, so try to shop here on a day when there isn’t a cruise ship in dock.
Kusadasi Town
You don’t have to go to a specific shopping centre or to the Grand Bazaar to enjoy shopping in Kusadasi, as the streets of the town are also full of some great shops where you can almost always pick up a bargain or two. There’s more of the same fake designer name clothes, sunglasses, handbags and more, plus the opportunity to buy some excellent leather goods, crafts, souvenirs, carpets, affordable jewellery, and more.
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