Dalaman Accommodation

Dalaman Accommodation Options
Dalaman is a typical Turkish town that’s surrounded by plenty of natural beauty and is just a few miles away from the spectacular southern Turkish coast. As it stands right now Dalaman still isn’t considered to be a tourist destination as such, but there are several advantages to staying in a hotel in Dalaman.
Why Holiday in Dalaman?
If Dalaman isn’t really a tourist destination then why would we even bother writing about it, you may ask. Well there are actually several advantages to staying in a hotel in Dalaman, and the area is increasing in popularity, so that’s why it’s covered here.
You might consider staying in Dalaman for just a couple of nights either side of a holiday in Southern Turkey. With the area’s chief airport, Dalaman International Airport, located so close by this is a great place to spend a couple of nights rather than heading off immediately to elsewhere, particularly if you’ve arrived on a late flight.
Dalaman also makes an excellent base from which to explore this part of Turkey. There are countless ancient sites, pretty towns and tons of coastal scenery to enjoy all within very easy reach of Dalaman. If you prefer to spend a holiday in Dalaman in which you use the town as a base and aren’t too fussed about being surrounded by hordes of other tourists all the time, Dalaman is perfect. We could in fact argue that a holiday in Dalaman gives you a far more authentic experience of Turkish culture than many of the popular resort towns in the region.
Hotels and Pensions in Dalaman
Whether you’re planning to stay in a hotel in Dalaman for just one night or your entire holiday there are several places to choose from. Hotels in Dalaman are available in both 3 and 4 star ratings, plus there’s also a selection of 2 star and lower pensions. It all depends on what facilities you’d like to make use of in your Dalaman accommodation.
At the top end you could choose the 4 star Spa Hotel ThermeMaris where you can enjoy facilities such as two outdoor pools, an indoor pool, thermal pools, mud baths and more, and being a spa hotel you can make use of affordable spa treatments, massages and more too. This hotel has everything you could need for an enjoyable stay, and would make a great base for exploring the region in more detail.
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