How to budget on Holiday with family

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How to budget on Holiday with family

Postby redrhino12 » 15 Jul 2018 20:32

How to budget on holiday.

I work on a ratio of spends of 4 to 1 that means I allow £60 a day for beer and £15 a day for food. 

This is achieved by not getting up till after midday that way I avoid having to buy and eat breakfast. 
We take a large stock of cup a soups and oxo cubes with us from England so only have to buy the beautiful huge soft bread cobs, these cost about 25p each. 
Another tip is drink your beer in the bars that have complimentary nuts crisps and other tasty tit bits on the table(you can send the kids to forage of the other tables). 
Its surprising how full you can get by "Eating Out" this way. 

For that extra special meal out, go to the Turkish kitchens you have a choice of either a hamburger,wrap or cheeseburger all served with fries and this will cost you 8YTL each = £1.33p x 4 with wife and 2 kids total £5.32p

So you see by being a little frugal your money can go a long way. 

Always drink in the bars were Efes is about 10 lira a bottle about a couple of quid.
You may be thinking "but I like a bit of supper when I have finished drinking" 
What I do after I have been drinking all night in a bar is just mention casually to the waiter that I will be going now as I want to call into the soup kitchen for my supper. 
9 Times out of ten they will say "no dont go yet our cook will give you a sandwich on the house" 
At that I promptly order more beer and everyone is satisfied. 
Some may say "I could never do that" 
But how many of you have had the complimentary coffee or ice cream and even liqueur in a restaurant? 
its just the same thing you see. 

The most important thing is the beer money and never ever fritter that away on food. 

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Re: How to budget on Holiday with family

Postby dodge » 16 Jul 2018 12:59

Nice one Gene will be using this when we go in two weeks
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Re: How to budget on Holiday with family

Postby Brownie1 » 16 Jul 2018 14:14

:lol: Very wise!
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Re: How to budget on Holiday with family

Postby Sami » 01 Aug 2018 11:37

What great advice.

I never fritter away my drinks money. Eating is cheating!!
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