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crosses laid Skilly

12 Nov 2014 19:39

Hi Skilly,
Crosses laid 9-11-2014

Re: crosses laid Skilly

24 Nov 2014 19:44

Hello Wyn,i am Joe Skillys husband,i have only just seen your post so thank you for what you do,we never went the Cenotaph this year because on the Sunday morning I woke up and I could hardly walk with my back,it is not so bad now but I have just started going for walks again,we have took my two Grand daughters last couple of years then gone for a meal so i was a bit disappointed with not going,but on the Saturday morning when we was shopping in the Town we got some crosses and we pass the Cenotaph on our way home so we laid the crosses then,so thank you once again.

Re: crosses laid Skilly

24 Nov 2014 20:27

Hello Joseph 1946,
It's a pleasure to do it,although they were laid at the National Aboretum at Alrewas,it was a beautiful day weather was lovely too and the place was packed out.If you ever get the chance to go I think you would like it.
Best Wishes
Wyn (Wimpy)

Re: crosses laid Skilly

25 Nov 2014 18:11

Just like to say thanks to you Wimpy, its so kind of you to do this, it means such a lot to Joe xxx

Re: Sorry to say

06 Nov 2015 22:38

Hi Skilly,
Sorry to say we cannot place crosses this year, my husband was rushed into hospital with several problems although he is home now he as to take it easy no driveing etc so sorry.

Regards Wyn
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