funny airport/transfer/holiday stories

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funny airport/transfer/holiday stories

Postby daisysun » 01 May 2014 12:14

Just thought id start a thread of all our funny/memorable stories be it from the airport checkin or actually on holiday or anywhere in between. I love reading peoples amusing holiday stories.
The one that springs to mind for me is when we were on our way back to dalaman airport on the coach after a fantastic holiday. We got pulled over by the police this kind of woke everyone up a bit and we were all watching out of the windows to see what was going on. Didn't really think much of it at this point as another couple of busses had been pulled over as well. Anyway the driver And the rep were off the bus talking to the police. The bus was really warm, kids who had been asleep were waking up very unsettled and people were conscious of the time and starting to joke that if we didn't get a move on we'd just have to stay in icmeler as we'd miss our flight. The rep came back onto the bus and reassured us that it was just routine and apologised for the delay. All the other people who had been stopped were on their way again but we were sat there for ages and tbe previous jokes about missing the flight were starting to become more of a reality. After a further 2 apologies from the rep and some frantic phone calls we were taken off the bus and put onto another one with a different driver who was responsible for transfering all our luggage from the old bus onto the new bus (poor soul) we then set off again with everyone very worried about the time when someone shouts "we've left a bag" so the bus stops rep runs back and luckily its only the old drivers suitcase. Nothing really got explained to us about what was going on but it made for some interesting theories on the way to the airport. We made it on time for our flight and didn't have to wait for long in the airport which was good.
Anyone have any more?...
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