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holiday review july 2017

Postby south coast hero » 14 Aug 2017 21:59

Hi to all.
We returned after a 3 year absence to our favourite place on earth and had a great holiday.Nothing had changed really apart from the lack of Brits in the resort.
We travelled with easyjet and they had overbooked and were asking for volunteers not to fly.This was 27 July by the way.The first to board were speedy boarders, followed by families with children under 5, then people who had booked seats(this was us by the way, never done it before but £4 each i did it this time) ,then the people that had not pre booked seats.Of a group of 5, 3 people never boarded but i dont know if they volunteered or were press ganged ?
Days out included Turunc,Captain Bulls**ts boat trip, a few trips to Marmaris,a visit to the Honey museum and a trip to Bayir where the attraction is a thousand year old tree. Didn't do a lot for me to be honest but the Turkish tourists seemed to like it.
This was probably the only day i didn't cover myself in glory. Throughout the holiday, mainly because i like the people and partly through feeling sorry for them due to lack of customers i over tipped in restaurants,barbers etc and didn't really barter in the shops i just paid what they asked.But this particular day we went into one of the few shops in the village and the shopkeeper gave my wife a small bracelet as a present, so i thought i better buy something although i didn't really want to, so i picked up 4 bars of soap which he put into a bag and asked for 20 lira, this is the Icmeler price but this bloke had none of the overheads the traders in Icmeler have so i just said "price to high" and walked out.I was probably a bit out of order but to late now.
We ate in Rush, Majestic,Friar Tucks,Romance,Hanedins,Majestic Marmaris and in the Marmaris Bazaar.Every meal was first class apart from Marmaris Majestic which was ok.
Most days were a long Turkish Breakfast in Rush followed by lazing around the pool.
Are we going next year ? you bet we are.
south coast hero
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