lesson learned use ICR next time

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lesson learned use ICR next time

Postby Dancing Lucy » 15 Jul 2016 11:48

We usually book through ICR for many years but this year my daughter decided to treat us and book for us to go to Icmeler with her and her husband and toddler. She booked through a big company so presumed all would be good, used a popular long standing hotel which was suitable for a small child. What a mistake!! we arrived at hotel mid afternoon the room should have been available from 2pm but we were told to wait 1 hour for our room, so we sat in reception after 1.5 hours the toddler was getting fed up and tired so we asked again and was told no room was available as the turkish people who were in our rooms had not moved out. We pointed out that this wasnt our problem as we had booked several months ago but they didnt seem to care. After 3 hours of sitting in our travelling clothes and having left home at 3.30am it was now 6.30 in the evening and we were very tired and wanted to change my daughter went back to speak to the manager who was very rude but said she would upgrade us and we should follow her so we dragged our cases and baby through the pool area out the back door of the hotel past another hotel and into a new build hotel, up 2 flights of steps to the rooms. I must admit the rooms were beautiful but not suitable for children really as they are all glass, one of our rooms had a jacuzzi on the balcony (which I suppose was the upgrade). There were only a couple of other people in this hotel as it is not open yet, we asked about a cot for the baby but again told none available but they would try to find one before the night was out, also no towels as all in the wash. We just dumped our bags and went out to eat on our return at 9.30 there was a travel cot in the room but still no towels, I said to stay the night and we would sort things in the morning although the rooms were very dusty with builders dust. The next morning we went back to reception and asked to be moved into the main hotel but was told still full and only room they could offer us was 1 family room on the ground floor directly outside the main restaurant which we turned down as we didnt want to share a room having booked 2. I called the tour operator and was told nothing was available in the area due to it being very busy because of Eid, a rep turned up at the hotel and said he could have moved us to a self catering but as we had paid for AI we were not prepared to do this, so went and unpacked in the rooms the cleaner did come round and clean the rooms although no towels for 2 days until they had been washed. After 2 days the other people had moved out of the new build hotel and we were the only 2 rooms occupied fo the remainder of the holiday, it was very strange to be in a empty hotel, I must say the hotel will be very nice when it opens probably next year the pool area looks good although the pool was empty this week. Moral of the story has to be book with a company that you are able to contact in the resort and could most likely have sorted out dilema out. The resort is still the best even though its sad to see so many well known shops and bars now closed I will continue to support Icmeler.
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