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Re: Icmeler Animal Welfare And Donations

21 Aug 2012 18:20

Oh my god John, nearly fell off my chair when I just read what you just said about getting fond of some of the cats!!! I think the sun must have finally got to you :lol: :lol: :lol: or you going soft in your old age :wink: : you will be having one as a pet next :lol:

Re: Icmeler Animal Welfare And Donations

21 Aug 2012 20:14

Nope not as a pet

I read today about them making you funny in the head (especially women) and also making you suicidal

Re: Icmeler Animal Welfare And Donations

21 Aug 2012 20:37

Good news JT, when I met you the other night I sensed you were a cat person - just in denial!! :wink: I knew you really wanted to feed 'One Eye'.

Re: Icmeler Animal Welfare And Donations

22 Aug 2012 10:31

Sadly I'll miss the sale again as I'll be heading back to the airport. My oh (jammy git) is now staying for the 2 weeks til I come back and he's promised faithfully to pop along to say hello at least. Can't miss him, he's got tattoos on his head and looks a bit scary - he's not, he's lovely and nuts about cats and dogs :). Jan - pleased you got everything ok, I'll see if I can bag anything else for my return on 9th sept.

Everyone else - don't forget to donate some Efes tokens when you are here. If anyone isn't back in icmeler this year and wants me to take their donations out with me on my return, send me a message, you can send me a cheque or PayPal and I'll make sure it gets to Jan.

Re: Icmeler Animal Welfare And Donations

23 Aug 2012 07:08

At the moment we have £65 donated by Nicola, £25 from Ray Regan and 20 Lira from 1BoxBaz who also dropped off a bag of leaqds, collars, harnesses and dog chews and also a bag of leads, collars and treats from Phil Mather

Will drop it all off on Saturday evening at Lala restaurant with Jan who will be holding a table sale there in aid of the aanimal welfare so if anyone is in the resort and is missing a sausage roll or some cakes, then pop along and tuck in

Re: Icmeler Animal Welfare And Donations

23 Aug 2012 12:18

Come on everyone, surely you won't miss one Efes, it's heading towards the end of season where all the animals will need extra help, please donate what you can, every lira really does make a difference.

Re: Icmeler Animal Welfare And Donations

24 Aug 2012 16:27

Before going to Icmeler I had read about the dog’s home. With my friends we set out to find it. It was a little challenge to find , but we did. I’m not good with directions so I’m not going to try. What can I say? It is sad to see all those dogs needing a home. However, I take my hat off to Janet and her team of volunteers. I can’t praise them enough for the outstanding work they do. There are over 60 dogs there and it is clear they are happy and very well looked after by Janet and the volunteers. They all have names to suit their character; how she remembers them all I just don’t know. It is truly a labour of love and is solely run on donations and charity fund raising. We took treats for the dogs, which are most welcome. We also took a dog each for a walk a couple of times (well one took me for a walk if the truth be known!). We were also there for the last table top sale; bagged a little cd for a couple of lira, bargain. If you’re passing the sale and don’t go in, there’s a donation tin you can just pop a Lira in or a couple of cent ; ever little helps. Like Noddles says, it’s getting close to the end of the season and nearer the winter months. I know Janet appreciates all help/support given to her when people are visiting Icmeler.

Re: Icmeler Animal Welfare And Donations

29 Aug 2012 19:05

Hi, out on the 11th sept can I drop off donations at office, or when is the next table top sale, and where is it, thanks.

Re: Icmeler Animal Welfare And Donations

30 Aug 2012 04:03

The sales are every other Saturday so it depends how long you're there. The next one is 8th September, then 22nd. I've managed to miss them all so far this year with flight times! You can drop things off at the ICR office, they are also happy to take them at the 3(4) Bells too and will make sure Jan gets them.

I'm repeating myself now, but it's worth it for the animals - I'm going out again on 9th September, I'm more than happy to take anyones donations with me, I will ensure they arrive safely. Let me know if you would like me to do this for you, you can send a cheque or paypal and I'll do the rest :)

Re: Icmeler Animal Welfare And Donations

30 Aug 2012 11:01

We have more money and also a few bags of clothes at the office but I will leave it till next Saturday and drop it in then

Re: Icmeler Animal Welfare And Donations

30 Aug 2012 23:40

Amazing response from the posters here. What is it about Brits and dogs? :D

I can't wait to come over and add our contributions to a great cause, and going for a nice walk with a dog or 2 will be as pleasant a day for me as a day at the beach/pool is for the missus. Compromise and all that lol.

C'mon the dugs!! :lol:

Re: Icmeler Animal Welfare And Donations

05 Sep 2012 13:37

We were out there whilst one of the table top sales was just wrapping up.Saturday 25 th August.So we donated 20 lira to the cause.Easy as that.Jan then came into the 3 bells with the latest puppy that had been given a home earlier that day Sh never stops

Inch1963. Alias The Laughing Policeman. (for Peter and JT!!!)

Re: Icmeler Animal Welfare And Donations

09 Sep 2012 15:49

We should arrive in time for the sale on 6th october. Looking forward to meeting the lovely people who do so much for the animals of Icmeler, and the dogs themselves. Keep up the good work!

Re: Icmeler Animal Welfare And Donations

15 Sep 2012 14:38

We would like to thank each and everyone one of you that have donated for the Dogs home so far this year

These are the names that have donated at Icmeleronline Office so far

Ray Regan
Wee tooney
Scunny Jim
Stephanie Billington
Janet Thomas

We have already handed over to Jan 764TL so far in which it was Gratefully received.

Also 120 lira in various currencies

Also ICR will donate 500TL as originally promised.

As well as Cash people have also been leaving Dog Treats, Leads, and bits and pieces for the table top sale, a big Thank you to you also

We are still collecting in the office and will update as and when it gets passed over.

Another £60 passed to Jan

Once again thanks to each and every one of you .

All Sterling was converted to get the Lira figure above

Re: Icmeler Animal Welfare And Donations

17 Sep 2012 09:21

A big thank you to all the staff at ICR and everyone who
Has donated.
Keep up the good work. :D

Re: Icmeler Animal Welfare And Donations

17 Sep 2012 15:27

Visited the dogs last week with 100 dog chews, 10 mins later all gone, nice to see.

Re: Icmeler Animal Welfare And Donations

18 Sep 2012 09:08

So pleased with the amount donated, please do try to pop in with a little something when you are in Icmeler, every little bit really does help, with the end of season fast approaching it really does make a difference. We're flying home today, have a bag of stuff to drop off for the next sale on Saturday.

Than you ICR for helping us all help IAW :)

Re: Icmeler Animal Welfare And Donations

19 Sep 2012 00:00

poped in last week and dropped treats and 100 tl off
was nice to see all the hard work these people do
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