Using Mobile WIFI and Sky boxes in Turkey

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Using Mobile WIFI and Sky boxes in Turkey

Postby gh1878 » 26 Apr 2013 15:39

We were hoping to set up Internet access and satellite at our apartment in Icmeler. However, after many hours of research it seems my plans have been scuppered and therefore I was wondering if the more Techy people out there could answer a question :-

1. We were going to take out a Sky box and a Freesat card (off ebay) and make use of the satellite dish already in situ. This dish was originally connected to a Digiturk receiver but as we were paying a subscription 12 months a year it became too expensive. However, I have been informed by someone who lives in Icmeler that it would be blocked/scrambled after a few weeks and so it is a waste of time taking it over. I realise that we may have to change or move the dish but didn't realise we wouldn't be able to use the Skybox. We have friends who have property in Portugal and the Sky box works fine there. Any idea if it will work or not ?

For those of you who haven't fallen asleep yet, I have another question :-

2. We were also going to take out a mobile WiFi box (T-mobile) and fit a Turkcell SIM card. This was going to allow us to use our laptop and ipad to access the internet, using them both in WiFi mode. ie just like at home but without the phone line. The box would be unlocked and so would accept a Turkcell PAYG SIM card. There are plenty of people on other forums who have done this seemingly with no problems. However, I read a forum today which says that if a Turkish SIM is put in a UK mobile phone, it will be blocked after 2-3 weeks (recurring theme here) unless the phone is registered and a fee of 115 TL is paid. This makes it expensive to do as the box costs about £70 plus the £43 registration cost. Does anyone know if this fee applies to mobile WiFi boxes ? I have been informed that a USB Dongle, inserted in the laptop USB port can be used so I presume that this isn't required to be registered. What is to stop me buying one of these and then transferring the Sim to my Mobile WiFi box ? The alternative is to buy a Turkish box but that is quite expensive I believe. Also, I was hoping to get it working over in the UK so that when I am in Icmeler at the end of May, I have 'half a chance' of setting it up on the Turkish network.

Your help will be greatly appreciated, even an Effes or two involved !!!!


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Re: Using Mobile WIFI and Sky boxes in Turkey

Postby stevew » 26 Apr 2013 17:30

Hi gh1878,
A quick google on the Sky box subject revealed this link ... -dish.html ( JT please remove if not allowed ) This may help answer your question.....But, when I was speaking to a Turkish resident, they were using a Dreambox, which gives far more channels and is a smaller unit. There are numerous receivers on the market. For more info you should look on Satellite forums. You may find info regarding internetand Wifi on this site as well.
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Re: Using Mobile WIFI and Sky boxes in Turkey

Postby teac532s » 26 Apr 2013 17:41

Hi GH1878. From what I can understand you are taking your skybox to Icmeler for freeview , which will probably involve moving your dish if at present it is on the Digiturk satellites. I wonder though why you need a freesat card , as far as I know there are 200 free channels on the sky box without a card. So if you point your dish at 28.2 degrees east (astra satellite) you should get the channels without the card. I am also trying to figure out how it would get turned off. How could anyone know you were using the skybox if there is no connection from the box to the internet as you would not need the connection. I can not offer any advise on the internet side of things but as for the tele side , if you look closely in the bars you can see certain types of different boxes being used for the tv. I will send you a pm of a site which explains the sky free channels. If I can help in any way pm me as this is an area of interest to me and am fairly up to speed on the uk side of things but not so much on the Turkish side , though could always study it.
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Re: Using Mobile WIFI and Sky boxes in Turkey

Postby JT » 26 Apr 2013 20:18

Leave the boxes at home

Drop me a line and I will give you the number of the person I do my system with in Icmeler and its cheap enough and far more than you would get in the UK
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