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And so we have arrived.....

PostPosted: 29 Sep 2014 08:48
by Sami
Lets start from the beginning as that's always the best place to start I find.

Got to Gatwick nice and early, couple of beers with breakfast, a wander around the shops and before we knew it, time to board the plane.

A smooth enough flight which went really quickly, bumpy landing however and to be told it's only 17 degrees outside at Dalaman! What?!

As always the ICR stand is easy to find and we meet our driver and shown to the bus.

Our transfer bus was full so we knew there would be a few drops on the way.

What we didn't bargain for was a pain in the bum passenger who proceeded to drink a large can of Efes and then demand that the driver stop, not even halfway so she could go to the bathroom. We then had our stop halfway which delayed us even longer and all in all arrived in Icmeler around 3 hours after landing.

Probably the longest it's ever taken me before. Needless to say once the driver had actually found our apartments we got water and went straight to bed.

Full day 1.

Sun Village apartments are lovely. A small, family run establishment where as anywhere I've stayed cannot do enough for you. Started the day with a full English breakfast, this is not something I normally do but after not eating since breakfast at Gatwick it was needed!

Next port of call, sunbeds. And we stayed there all day. After arriving to lashing rain at the airport I have to say I was more than a bit worried about the weather forecast. I shouldn't have been though as the sun came out with his hat on. Hip hip hooray!

Evening came and I took my friend around to Sidiks. Always friendly Eddie greeted us we had a wonderful meal of chicken and lamb shish kebabs. A glass of red, very nice. Headed into town to go find my friend Bora. He is working at the new Linekers bar which can be found down the road next to Don Corleone restaurant. Enjoyed a couple of cocktails and great company with Bora chatting about his plans, such a nice guy. On the way back we stopped in to see Jerry at Bonjour and Zaza at Ida. Lovely to see them both and will definitely be having one of Zaza's frozen cocktails one evening. Feeling a bit tipsy we didn't quite make it past Romance and so had 2 for the road. Now bed was beckoning so we managed to get a lift back home. A great, fun evening.
Day 2 begins with a fuzzy head. A Turkish, healthy breakfast today and now camped out on a sunbed again. Later today the plan is to book a boat trip and go for a Turkish bath. Update later....

Re: And so we have arrived.....

PostPosted: 29 Sep 2014 13:44
by Sami
Walked into town to see JT and the ICR girls. Took them in some chocolate and to book our boat trip. No all inclusive ones available this week but doesn't matter too much, opted for a bbq bays trip which will be lovely come Thursday. Chillaxing on board, topping up the tan nicely. Had a good chat with JT and headed off for a wander down the beach as my friend has not been here before. I think she is now smitten too. I'd kind of forgotten how beautiful the scenery is as you walk to the small harbour, looking out across the water to Marmaris and the islands. We wandered back from town and had a gorgeous tuna salad made for us by Mumma. A lovely cold beer too and back on the sunbed for a snooze in the afternoon sunshine. Tonight is Marmaris, so we shall hop on the dolmus and go into town for a meal and drinkies with some friends.

Re: And so we have arrived.....

PostPosted: 30 Sep 2014 09:02
by Sami
Good morning everyone on a very hot and sunny not a cloud in the sky Tuesday. Went to Marmaris last night, caught the dolmus right outside our apartments and for only 2.5 lira was in the centre of town within half an hour. Walked back along the beach to meet friends in Portofino not realising it was quite as far back but ended up eating in Dost which is a very stylish restaurant with a laid back atmosphere. Turkish meze to start was lovely and my garlic steak was very very nice. All for a mere £20 each.

Stopped for more drinks in the Yunus hotel bar. Again a very swanky joint with live music and great service.

Headed back around 1 am but feeling quite chipper this morning.

Today is a day of doing sweet F.A. Lazy day by the pool, maybe a delicious tuna or Greek salad for lunch. Can't get much better than this.

Tonight we're going to try out Prince restaurant. A friend of mine works there and it's also somewhere I've never been. I'll let you all know what I thought tomorrow. For now it's back to hard task of sunbathing.

Re: And so we have arrived.....

PostPosted: 30 Sep 2014 12:52
by Sami
Tiring work this sunbathing malarkey! Myself and Lisa must have drunk about a litre and a half of diet coke today. Still haven't braved the ice cold pool yet though it's very tempting today with the hot temperatures.

Oh, just seen a cute little geko running along our pool side. Maybe he needs a dip too.

Re: And so we have arrived.....

PostPosted: 01 Oct 2014 06:28
by Sami
Laid in the sunshine all day yesterday and the sunbeds of choice done us proud as the sun stayed on them until around 6pm.

This meant getting ready a little later than previous nights. I think that was a good thing. Downstairs to see Cem, a couple of Turkish ciders to wet the whistle before heading out.

Our venue of choice was Prince restaurant. Like I said before, my friend Tahsin works there and I have also not eaten there before. They have a very extensive menu, loads of choice. We decided on meze to start which was a meal in itself. Puffy bread and loads of different bits and pieces like Spanish tapas!

For main, fajitas. Beef for me, chicken for Lisa. Presented really well, not quite the same as at home but delicious and very filling. On to lineker's for a couple of night caps and we headed the back route home. Another lovely chilled evening.

What does today hold.....more sunbathing....oh why not!!! Show me the way to the sunbed.

Re: And so we have arrived.....

PostPosted: 01 Oct 2014 08:04
by mr magoo
Enjoying your blog Sami.

I was staying at Ekinci Palace 2 or 3 weeks back, but I spent every day at Sun Village pool as I had stayed there last year. They are great apartments and very friendly staff, say hi to Jamie and mama from Graeme (with the walking stick).

If you like egg based dishes, you must try mama's menemen for breakfast/'s delicious!! I had it every day.

Move your lounger to the area between the pool and the bar and you will be in the sun all day long....bliss, and handy to get the raki cherries from Jamie. Enjoy.


Re: And so we have arrived.....

PostPosted: 01 Oct 2014 21:35
by Sami
Seems the bees made a 'beeline' for me today. Stung twice within an hour! Little devils. A tissue soaked in vinegar did the trick but still painful.

Tonight's venue of choice, Prince again as the food was so good last night. We didn't order as much this time though. Found my friend Ozzy and stayed for a couple of drinks. Will eat at Jasmin tomorrow too.

Relatively early night as boat trip tomorrow which I am looking forward to. Had ice cream on the balcony before retiring, scrumptious!

Re: And so we have arrived.....

PostPosted: 02 Oct 2014 15:02
by Sami
Picked up dead on time for the boat trip today, not before having a toastie beforehand.

Eren 1 was our vessel and we boarded early enough to get good sunbeds. The boat soon filled up and we set sail.

Booked the voyage with ICR and it really is cheap as chips. Trip and lunch included with around 5 stops. All for £10 each, you cannot fault it.

Lovely day out at sea, glorious weather. Prices for drinks are cheaper than some bars though people still felt the need to bring their own. Cheap skates! Walked back to the apartment for a vodka and tonic.

Now to shower and change. Glam up and head out.

Re: And so we have arrived.....

PostPosted: 03 Oct 2014 06:25
by Sami
Last night was a night of bar crawling. Not because that was the plan but because we had so many people to see.

Had one at the apartments and accepted an offer of a Turkish night. Headed out to have one of Zaza's frozen cocktails and got caught with the Romance boys again. One drink in there before making our escape. Now lets have one of those famous frozen cocktails was on our minds.

I opted for the green apple daiquiri, Lisa had banana flavour. Well they might be all ice but there is loads of it. Brain freeze and a pop belly afterwards, we headed to Friends bar, the one opposite Chef and Loveboat.

A very strong vodka and tonic tasted like pure chemicals was quickly changed to vodka and fresh orange. Much better. Only one before going around the corner to eat with Ozzy as we had promised.

Jasmine restaurant, which is basically behind Bamboo and opposite Private hotel was quiet but it was already 10pm. We both had steak, both were cooked nicely but I think as it was so late, my appetite had subsided. We headed back to Friends bar for a couple of cocktails before retiring. Very tired after our day out at sea.

Woke up today to another bright, hot, sunny day. Flash backs of last night keep coming back to me now and I have what's app messages to prove it....oh dear. Lol.

Cheese and onion toastie. Nom nom nom.

Re: And so we have arrived.....

PostPosted: 03 Oct 2014 10:33
by Sami
Both feeling a little jaded on the sunbeds this morning, even reading felt like a chore. Decided to take a slow stroll into town to do a spot of shopping. Bags and purses later, we felt a lot better. There is a lot to be said for retail therapy.

Back to Sun Village for one of Mumma's tuna salads. With fresh Turkish bread. Ice cold diet coke, all did the trick. Ready for another sunbathing session this afternoon. This is the life!

Re: And so we have arrived.....

PostPosted: 04 Oct 2014 05:31
by Sami
Laid in the sun until it disappeared off our sunbeds yesterday. Showered, changed and had an Efes downstairs to start off.

Was really feeling the effects of the sun today so we decided to eat at Sidiks and then go to Ida for another frozen cocktail. Both were really nice and always good to see Eddie, Sidik and Zaza.

After the cocktail I have to admit, we felt so tired and with today being our last we headed back for a nightcap and an early night. Felt a bit cold too but think this was the sun again.

Sun is just coming over the mountains now and breakfast on it's way, made by the fair hands of Mumma. Then what? Catching the last rays of course....